Tell us a little about yourself and your history with architecture in Chicago

I have been at the Chicago Architecture Center since 1996.  I am passionate about the architecture of our city – the American capital of modern architecture. It always gives me a thrill to see people looking up and discovering a building for the first time.

As an expert in architecture, what is unique about Vista Tower? What is its impact on Chicago?

Vista is such a sensuous building with its beautiful undulating curves. The building is structurally interesting with its blow through floor and distinctive three tower structure. As the third largest tower in Chicago, it is impactful on the city’s skyline and sits prominently on the river’s edge.

As Vista’s riverfront neighbor, what are the highlights of the location?

I am excited about it because it is in such a prominent location, allowing us to talk about Jeanne Gang on the Architecture River Cruise.

Describe the Lakeshore East neighborhood. What makes it stand out?

Lakeshore East is distinctive as a city within a city. It is surrounded by the river, the lake, Millennium Park and Michigan Avenue – all wonderful public amenities. At the center of Lakeshore East is the wonderful park that serves as the heart of the neighborhood for all residents.

When you think about the long-term implications of Lakeshore East as a community — what is its impact?

I have lived in Chicago long enough to remember the golf course that sat at the site. Lakeshore East is a vibrant addition that fills in this empty hole and knits together the fabric of the city.

How has downtown Chicago shifted with the addition of more residential buildings?

With the addition of Millennium Park, we have seen the Lakeshore East/Illinois Center become much more residential than just commercial, which adds to the city’s vibrancy.