Technology is pervasive in our society, touching nearly every realm of our lives. The luxury real estate industry has kept abreast of advancements in technology over the past years, but Magellan Development Group, as always, has remained one step ahead. At the Vista Sales Gallery, the development team has implemented several high-tech approaches to bringing the under-construction tower to life for potential purchasers. From virtual tours to the realistic video simulations of the views from various floors of the tower, Magellan Development Group has thought of it all. Read on for more details on the impressive technology offering future residents a glimpse of life at Vista Tower.

A view of the Chicago skyline from a room inside Vista Tower

The following excerpt is from an article originally published in No Parallels: Issue IV.

Title: High Tech: 101 Stories of Innovation at Vista Residences
Author: Kate Glending

Here’s an interesting challenge: You have a $1 billion luxury high-rise going up on one of Chicago’s premiere parcels of land. Ideally, you’d like people to experience the glam amenities first hand. Problem is, they’re not quite done yet. Well, the folks behind Vista Residences have brought future residents the next best thing: a state-of-the-art sales gallery that’ll make you believe you’re already living in those blue-hued towers.

One of Vista’s main attractions is its unfettered 360-degree views of the city. To give potential homeowners the true sky-high experience, Magellan Development created a virtual Views Room. Using drones equipped with high-definition video cameras, they captured the approximate view residents will witness at each level of the tower at various times of day and night. The footage is then played on a wall covered in LED screens, giving the viewer a life-size, 360-degree, crystal-clear simulation of the scenery.

“Vista clearly has the best views in Chicago, and maybe the world,” said Leila Zammatta, Senior Vice President of Sales at Magellan Development Group. “My goal was to showcase this wow factor during step one of the buying process.”

But a great home is made of more than what’s outside your windows. After soaking in the view, buyers were granted access to interactive screens to view simulated living spaces and flip between four gem-inspired interior finishes: soothing amethyst, cool topaz, polished sapphire and classic fluorite. When combined with the full-sized replicas of units in the sales gallery, it’s a totally immersive experience — and vaguely reminiscent of something from a Jetsons cartoon.

“We are always looking for ideas to improve the lifestyle of our purchasers at Vista by embracing trends and technology in a practical way,” said Zammatta. “We work with an exciting team of experts to innovatively structure the process from start to finish.”

This is just the beginning of using tech to gives buyers a more holistic experience. For years, the luxury real estate industry has had its thumb on the pulse of the latest advancements, naturally integrating them into their customer experience. Vista’s developers didn’t just followed suit, they were cutting edge, from virtual tours to the realistic video simulations available today.

Homebuyers are taking notice. They’re comforted by the simulations, taking the guess work out of purchasing an in-progress construction. While they’re staying mum on the details, it’s safe to expect more innovative elements as Vista Residences opens in 2020.